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Fossil Mint

A warm & bright stone of neutral colour that works in any environment.

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Product Info

This hardwearing sandstone has 'Cotswold' colour tones with approx 40% of slabs having fossil markings. Fossil Mint is one of our best sellers as it complements many settings.  Whether your home  is of red brick or mellow stone, Fossil Mint will blend or contrast perfectly, whatever style is your preference.

Slab sizes:

  • 275x275mm
  • 560x275mm
  • 560x560mm
  • 845x560mm

Slab thickness 25-35mm (variation of +/-5mm is due to the variability of the riven surface)

We can also supply slabs callibrated to 22mm (very slight variability in thickness)

Fossil Mint

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An excellent budget sealant for the protection of natural stone, terracotta and manufactured concrete slabs.



Please Note

Unlike manufactured stone products, the colour of natural stone does vary. Any pictures shown or samples taken should be regarded as a guide only and not necessarily a completely accurate representation of the stone that will be delivered.