Digital Stone Carving

Where technology meets craftsmanship

Imagine a technology that takes a 3-D image of any object, manipulates that image and then produces a natural stone copy, once or a hundred times – this is Stoneworld’s StoneGenie™, our digital stone carving robot.

Stoneworld’s major investment in the Robostone™ series of advanced natural stone processing technologies offers quicker and more cost-effective options for masonry and architectural projects. Services include archiving, reproduction, restoration and creation. Any object, sculpture or feature, however complex, can be digitally captured and either archived or produced in natural stone. The benefit of the service over a traditional masonry solution is speed, accuracy and cost.  All carving is conducted in our own Oxfordshire factory on site, reducing shipping costs.

Bespoke stone work
Stonegenie Work

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StoneGenie™ digital stone carving services include:

  • Archive Imaging and Storage – detailed 3-D digital image recording of any features or artefacts for archiving and/or reproduction
  • Pre-production Digital Sculpting – using a scanned 3-D digital image and morphing software to recreate a damaged artefact or to create a new sculpture
  • Production Templating Service – scanning to create templates for production items such as vanity units and worktops. These templates can then be used in the Production and Finishing service.
  • Production and Finishing – commanding a multi-axis (up to 7) stone carving robot to accurately and quickly carve from the digital image.

We have completed many exciting and unique projects using this technology.

View our project gallery to see some of the work we have completed

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