Traditional methods of recording and archiving important buildings, monuments, architectural features and objects cannot offer the accuracy and peace of mind of Stoneworld’s  Archive Imaging and Storage Service.

Archive Imaging
Archive Imaging

Using a mobile scanning device our technicians will digitally record all of your 3D objects and artefacts, taking images from every angle to ensure a faultless record is available for posterity. This image record may be stored for future recall or used immediately to produce a replica or restored object.

Our mobile unit is deployed on a daily basis and may be booked for just one item or for an entire collection or estate. Once these images are stored, they are yours to view, catalogue and manage as required. Should you need to recall a record for production, then we can programme our 7-axis stone carving robot to produce it quickly, cost effectively and accurately, from whatever natural stone material is required.

Should an object require restoration, we can repair, edit or morph your item on screen, before sending it for production.

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