Lincoln Cathedral-The Sculpture of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mary Lincoln Cathedral
Blessed Mary Lincoln Cathedral




Stoneworld’s expertise in specialist masonry work was called upon to help create a new sculpture in Lincoln Cathedral .

Sculptor Aiden Hart was commissioned to create The Sculpture of The Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln,

and he asked Stoneworld to rough out the 7ft figure on our digital stone carving robot.

Aiden first created a maquette from which we took a digital scan using our Konica Minolta Vivid 9i non contact laser scanner.

The data was then programmed into our digital stone carving robot and the 7ft statue began to emerge.

We roughed out the work to a prescribed stage and then delivered it to Aiden for finishing.

Aiden then finished the sculpture by hand carving the final few mm bringing the sculpture to life.

Finally, the surface was polychromed . She now sits in a magnificent setting in Lincoln Cathedral.