Sculpture – Royal Terrace Gardens, Torquay

Sculpture - Royal Terrace Gardens
Sculpture - Royal Terrace Gardens




Stoneworld Masonry Workshop were proud to collaborate with Juliet Haysom on this sculpture project.

Juliet Haysom was commissioned to produce several large sculptures for inclusion in the newly revamped Royal Terrace Gardens in Torquay, which was officially opened in October 2010.

The project had an Italian theme, and her design included 3 identical sculptures made from Carrara marble, which was sourced by Stoneworld and shipped from Italy.

Juliet created a full-sized clay model which was then digitally scanned at Stoneworld using our Konica Minolta Vivid 9i non contact laser scanner.

Data collected by the scanner was then programmed in and 3 replicas were reproduced on the digital carving robot at Stoneworld’s masonry workshop in Great Milton.