How to Build Stone Steps

Build stone steps to make the best use of your outside space. Different levels in the garden need to be connected to make a safe and clear route to move through the garden. That’s not to say that this needs to be done in a formal way. Sometimes a slope will suffice, sometimes steps are required. The gradient and the length of the slope will dictate whether garden steps or a slope is best. Find out the best material to use and the basic method to build stone steps here

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What is meant by the term Sawn Paving?


The term Sawn Paving describes a contemporary format of natural stone paving available from some stone suppliers.

Whereas riven paving is created by splitting the stone where it naturally splits on the seam, sawn paving is machine made.

How is sawn paving made?

Sawn paving is created on a machine where each of the 6 sides of a paving slab, i.e.  the  4 edges and the 2 surfaces, have been machine sawn.

This creates a perfectly square or rectangular slab with a calibrated (regular) thickness.  Each slab has straight edges and a flat top surface.  The top surface can then be either sandblasted, brushed, honed or flamed for a final design finish.

The surface finishes applied to sawn paving

Sandblasting: the surface is blasted under high pressure with grains of sand. This creates a slightly textured surface, which is grainy to the touch.

Honed: this surface finish is created by polishing the surface. The result is smooth to the touch with a low sheen.

Flamed:  the surface of granite paving can be torched with a flame.  This causes crystal particles on the surface to burst, creating an overall roughness or pitted surface.

Brushed:  The slab surface is brushed with diamond coated nylon bristles which take away some of the softer particles from the surface.  A slightly textured surface is achieved.

Acid Etched: Limestone paving reacts with acid. The treatment of the surface with acid creates a nonslip texture by burning away a little of the surface.

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