How to remove blooming from new paving joints where resin jointing compound has been used

Sometimes blooming occurs around new paving joints.  This is usually due to inexperience in using this type of product.

The blooming is a temporary state, and will disappear with weathering.  However, sometimes this is not a satisfactory solution

Find out how to remove blooming from around new pointing joints here

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How to Build Stone Steps

Build stone steps to make the best use of your outside space. Different levels in the garden need to be connected to make a safe and clear route to move through the garden. That’s not to say that this needs to be done in a formal way. Sometimes a slope will suffice, sometimes steps are required. The gradient and the length of the slope will dictate whether garden steps or a slope is best. Find out the best material to use and the basic method to build stone steps here

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Which is the right way up to lay a natural stone paving slab?

How can you tell which is the right way up to lay a natural stone paving slab?

Lay natural stone paving correctly.

Don’t waste your investment in natural stone paving by ignoring this advice.

Quite often natural paving is laid the wrong way up by inexperienced contractors and DIY ers.

Find out here how to tell if you or your contractor have identified the correct way up to lay natural stone paving slabs before you start

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How to Use Resiply Jointing Compound

How to Use Resiply Jointing Compound

Resiply  jointing compound is a fantastic product that creates a permeable joint capable of withstanding high traffic usage. Resiply is a reliable product that will perform every time if the instructions are adhered to.

Resiply is made in the UK, and we have sold it for over ten years.  We have vast experience of using and recommending this product to our customers. Resiply will perform every time if you follow the instructions given with the product or on the video.

We have some further points to help you achieve fantastic results with Resiply

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