What’s The Best Way to Clean a Natural Stone Floor?

What’s The Best Way to Clean a Natural Stone Floor?

How to Clean a Natural Stone Floor?

Using the right stone floor cleaner will seriously help keeping your stone floor looking great!

If you are lucky enough to have a home with stone floors, or if you are about to install them you are very fortunate.  They are a serious lifetime purchase, as they will outlive you!  The natural qualities of your stone floor will develop over the years as the surface takes on its own patina, through wear.

Our customers are advised at the outset how to get the best from their new stone floor.  We advise that new stone floors should be sealed with Rob Parkers Best Colour Enhancing Sealer, then regularly cleaned with Rob Parkers Best Floor Cleaner. If you start right, its easy to clean your stone floor and keep it gleaming.

Some owners of existing stone floors have reached out to us because they are failing to keep their stone floors looking as good as they should.  They report that their floors have gone dull, and nothing they do seems to improve the floor. Some feel they would rather take them up and replace with something less demanding. When we advise our clean and care regimen they fall in love with their stone floors again! It is possible to rejuvenate an old stone floor using the right products.

We can advise you how to clean a stone floor.

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