Digital Scanning of 3D Objects



Digital Scanning for Intricate 3D Work such as Statues.

Production on the Digital Stone Carving Robot requires a data file to follow.  This is produced from a digital scan.  We currently use the Konica Minolta Vivid 9i non contact laser scanner to produce 3D data files for intricate work such as statues and other 3 dimensional objects. Please see below for news of new investment! A 3D scan is stored indefinitely on a computer file, & can be used repeatedly to duplicate reproductions in stone.

It is possible to manipulate the scan on screen to enlarge, reduce, or repair the original object.

Scanning can be done either in situ on buildings and statues, or onsite at Stoneworld if you bring the subject to us.

We can also use maquettes for scanning purposes.  Our software can scale up the model size to bring the piece to the scale required.

Once the digital scan is on file, it can be used to reproduce the item many times if required. Each copy will be accurate to the original scan.  Where an object is incomplete, e.g. a damaged item, it is possible to use ‘rebuild’ the item using our technology, and then the digital carving robot will carve a perfect reproduction.

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The Konica Minolta scanner can also be used to store data for posterity.  In our project at Earls Court, (above), where scans of  original precious stone work were recorded in situ before demolition work began.  The scans acted as an insurance against possible damage to the stone work.

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NEWS : We have invested in GO!Scan 50 3D Scanner – the latest and best in 3D scanners available to ensure we stay at the forefront of this exciting technology! Find out more>>

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