Environmental Awareness at Stoneworld

Natural Stone-The Original Sustainable Building Material

Stone is the right choice for sustainable building & landscaping.

Rock formation is a continuous evolving process of earth building to make rock formations, that are used by man.

Man has always manipulated stone to make shelter.  When buildings are pulled down, the stone returns to the ground and the process of reformation begins again.  Stone is sustainable and renewable.

The challenge for us today is to manage the processes that bring the stone to you, to ensure that we have the minimum impact on the environment that is possible.

We are conscious of our responsibility to reduce that impact, and to that end we seek new ways to bring you what you need.


Ways we are being better and cleaner at Stoneworld:


Recycling Waste: All packaging materials and office waste onsite is re-purposed or recycled wherever possible to reduce waste.

Stone Off cuts: All off cuts are re purposed, nothing is wasted.

Wooden Pallet and Crate Recycling: Pallets are collected & reused where feasible.

Please follow link for instructions if you require us to collect crates/pallets from you here>>

Water Usage – All water used in the masonry factory is derived from a natural onsite spring, and then collected and reused over and over.

Lighting– all factory lighting at Stoneworld is now LED, reducing electricity usage overall by 50%

Solar Panels– All electricity used in the masonry factory is derived from solar panels.  Excess electricity produced onsite is fed back into the National Grid.

Cleaner vehicles:  currently 50% of our company vehicles are electric/hybrid.  As battery technology improves we will seek to change more of our vehicles to clean air technologies

Delivery Vehicle: We have invested in the cleanest lorry we can to keep our emissions and environmental impact as low as possible.

Our lorry uses AdBlue in its exhaust system to neutralise harmful emissions. Adblue is a liquid solution of urea, which, when it meets a hot exhaust system, releases ammonia – a catalyst to a chemical reaction that converts dangerous Nitrogen Oxides into two harmless products – water vapour and Nitrogen. This not only enables us to deliver within central London, where authorities have made serious limitations on vehicle emissions to clean the air,  but ensures we are behaving responsibly wherever we deliver our product to.

The lorry is automatic. This prevents over-revving and therefore reduces emissions and fuel wastage.

Our lorry has an axlelift device for unloading. This reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear.


Transportation Efficiencies

All imported stone is brought to UK on full loads ensuring the least possible use of fuel. Plus, disembarking is always at the nearest port to site to ensure minimum road transportation requirement. We have calculated that each tonne of stone imported from India uses 13.545 gallons of fuel in transportation

Offering stone from UK quarries reduces transportation requirements even further. We have calculated that each tonne of British stone uses 0.866 gallons of fuel in transportation


Onsite Masonry Factory- not only does our onsite masonry factory ensure skilled jobs for the local rural workforce, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint of many fabricated stone items we can produce in UK, rather than importing from overseas.