Stoneworld can add cement to your stone order at the time of ordering.

At Stoneworld we strongly advise you to lay our Natural Stone Paving products on a full bed of wet mortar made using a cement and sand mix created using Mixed Soft Sand. (Ratio 5 sand :1 cement)

It creates the ideal medium for you to work with when laying and levelling the stone slabs into place.  Not too wet or too dry!

Take our advice: Using other types of sand will not create the great end result you are looking to achieve.

Builders sand will create a mix that is too sloppy, whilst sharp sand makes a mix that holds too much air , and will therefore not create enough suction in the mix for the slabs to  ‘stick’ to.

Our mix is 50% soft and 50% sharp-just right for the job.

Ask us to add sand and cement to your order when you have selected your stone from us.  We are happy to advise quantities.

Retail Price

£7.80 per 25kg bag

Please Note: All prices exclude VAT and delivery.