Our Indian Sandstone paving is of the highest quality, sourced ethically from our trusted supplier who we’ve known for many years. This  ensures consistancy of quality, colour, and supply.  It is available in several formats, and many colours:

Handcut Sandstone Paving

This paving has an undercut tapered edge and a riven surface. Choose from a wide selection of colours.


Tumbled Sandstone Paving

Softly tumbled, which softens the edges and riven surface. A popular range of  paving with lots of colours to choose from.



Sawn & Sandblasted Sandstone Paving

Contemporary paving sawn on 6 sides with a subtley textured surface.


Sawn & Honed (Polished) Sandstone Paving

Contemporary paving, sawn on 6 sides with a smooth surface.

Extra Thick Paving (50mm)


A superior range of sandstone paving in a selected palette of colurs and formats for exquisite landscaping projects.

We can also offer you authentic Heritage British Sandstone Paving:

Yorkstone paving








Stoneworld House Sandstone Paving

House ia a budget range of paving available in 2 popular tones.