Baksteen Continental Clay Pavers








Baksteen Continental Clay Pavers are a a versatile range of Dutch clay pavers suitable for many projects in the home and garden.

Their shape enables them to be used in a variety of ways, and laid in various patterns, such as herringbone, brick effect, etc.

If used laid on their edge on a suitably strong base they are strong enough to be used for driveways and are able to withstand heavy vehicular use.

Alternatively, laid flat on a bed they are suitable for pathways, garden borders and paved areas for pedestrian use.


Each piece is 200 x 50 mm x 65 mm.  Sold per pallet 1250-1466 kg  per pallet. 960 pieces per pallet.


Laid on edge for driveway use : 9.6 sqm

Laid on bed for pedestrian use : 12.63 sqm

Retail Price:

Mulberry & Crimson £839.51 + vat  per pallet pack

Smoke & Honeycomb £953.87 + vat per pallet pack

Mallow, Silver Birch & Ash £1011.03 + vat per pallet pack


Please Note: All prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Please be aware that with natural stone products, colour , texture & natural markings will vary.