Silver Granite Handcut Setts

Silver granite handcut setts in Oxfordshire
Silver Granite Handcut Setts

A very strong, resilient stone

Our Silver Granite Handcut Setts provide an exceptionally tough stone. They are excellent for heavy duty wear such as driveways etc. As the thickness of the normal sett is not often needed, the 50mm thick sett gives more more value for money where lighter traffic occurs.

2 sizes available in both thicknesses:

  • 100x100x50mm
  • 200x100x50mm
  • 100x100x100mm
  • 200x100x100mm

Retail Price

£0.58Each 100x100x50mm
£1.15 Each 200x100x50mm
£0.93Each 100x100x100mm
£1.75 Each 200x100x100mm

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Please Note: All prices exclude VAT and delivery.