How your worktop is made

Read through our worktop order process here.

  1. Order Your Worktop Material

On acceptance of our quote, the material you have chosen for your worktop will be sourced.

  1. Templating

Most orders will require detailed templating to ensure accurate fitting of the worktop.

We will make an appointment to come out to your home to make the digital template.  Digital templating is by far the most accurate method. We advise caution if you are considering other businesses- ensure that you find out how they will template your worktop.

  1. Fabricating

Your worktop will be cut from a solid slab of material measuring approximately 3m x 2m. Depending on the complexity of the worktop design, we will either use our bridge saw, our GMM Intra CNC cutter, or our Water Jet Cutter.  We ensure that any necessary joins are in the best place both for aesthetics and durability of your worktops


  1. Special Cuts

Any requested cut outs for appliances are made using our water jet cutter, which is an extremely accurate tool for precision cutting.


  1. Edge Profiling

The edge profile you have selected will be created using the Kolb Genius machine.

  1. Polishing

Finally, the edges will be polished by hand.


  1. Finishing

All finished worktops are cleaned with Rob Parkers Best Quartz and Granite Cleaner and then sealed  using Rob Parkers Best Granite Sealer before they leave our factory.

It is well known that granite surfaces are porous, and therefore require protection before use. However, it is not well known that despite being marketed as nonporous, many quartz surfaces are also partly porous. We always seal all our worktop surfaces before installation in customers’ houses, to make sure they are protected.

  1. Delivery & Installation

After finishing your worktop we can usually deliver and fit within 3-5 days.

Our skilled installation team will fix your worktop to your kitchen cabinets using a mastic called Stixall and any joints are fixed using Mapai mastic which is colour matched as close as we can get to your worktop.

The majority of worktop orders are completed from order to installation within 7days.  We will be able   to advise you of any longer lead time at the point of placing the order.

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