How to Order Your Kitchen Worktop

When you have chosen the worktop that’s right for your home from our vast range of material choices, there are a number of things we need to know before we can prepare an accurate quote for you.

Please read through this check list:

1. Accurate measurements will be required.  For simple worktops submit length and depth measurements.  However for most            projects we will require you to submit diagrams with full measurements.  Please ring us to discuss.

2. What thickness of worktop do you require?  We stock 20mm and 30mm, but other thicknesses are possible

3. Do you require upstands, and/or splashbacks from the same material?  Tell us what dimensions these should be.

4. Tell us what style of edge profile  you require. Choose from the options below:



5. Will you require any radial corners?  Think about this on peninsulars, breakfast bars and islands in particular.  You may want us to round off corners.  This can be done subtley or dramatically.

6. Do you require any further shaping in the worktop, to create a feature?

macaubus granite 7

7. Tell us how many  appliances, like hobs, sinks, taps, power sockets, etc. you want to insert into the worktop. Sinks can be flush mounted, under mounted or drop in.  We will need to know what type you are having. Don’t forget to consider the splashbacks in this calculation where you may wish to insert power sockets too.

(nb. Precise drawings are required throughout, but in the case of powersockets, where walls may not yet be complete think ahead to make sure it is possible to place these where they are required.  Speak to your electrician early in the project to ensure you get them placed correctly on the walls)

8. Do you want us to cut drainage grooves in the worktop?

macaubus granite 4


After you have made these decisions, we will be able to prepare an accurate quote for you.  We can advise you along the way if you are not sure about any of these choices.

Please ring 01844 279274 or email for more information or to place your order.

We also have an online order form if you wish to request a quotation online>>