Keystone Project

These bespoke keystones add real individuality to a private residence.  Our digital mason Steve really enjoyed this one! See how many you recognise!

Dollar sign carved keystone


At Stoneworld we love the unusual projects we get involved in.  We can achieve what our customers imagine in stone because we have the latest in stone cutting technology in our masonry workshop.  Coupled with our willingness to innovate we are only limited by your imagination!   The request here was for a number of  individual keystones to be created for a private house, depicting iconic symbols from the world of music and literature.

Expertly prepared using our  3D scanner, designs were created which our stone carving robot then translated into designs in Bathstone.   If youre inspired to create something unique from stone call us on 01844 279274 or email to discuss your ideas, we’d love to help.

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