Patio Project using Modak Handcut Paving, Pre Cut Paving Circle and Bull nosed step treads

In this recent Modak paving project, see how using a range of modak products creates a unified design.

Modak precut Paving circle 3metre diameter
Modak precut Paving circle 3metre diameter
modak step treads

Here our customers have created a superb paved area using a combination of natural stone products from the same material.

Modak Handscut sandstone paving features glorious rich red to golden tones.  Incorporating a Pre Cut paving circle into the paved space  adds an accent to the design, breaking up the area. Paving circles are available in several diameters- this one is 3metres.

Access from the drive to the patio area is via a set of steps, created using Modak Step Treads. Note the bull nosed edge, which is safer and more attractive than using standard slabs.  Together the materials used for this patio complete a unified design, forming the perfect base on which to arrange decorative pots and seating if desired.

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