This stunning staircase has been made from Moleanos limestone in the Stoneworld masonry factory.

By using the technological capability of our masonry workshop stunning unique stone work like this magnificent staircase can be created.
Moleanos Limestone has been used here to create a stunning contemporary staircase.


We worked with a local luxury home builder to create this wonderful piece of interior design. A concrete poured structure is first built.  Once in place Stoneworld come to site to create the digital template
Each step tread and step riser is scanned using our digital scanner, from the concrete structure onsite.  This data is transferred to computer files, that are read by the water jet cutter.  Precision cuts produce perfect pieces of stone to be assembled onsite.

On this project the design required slots to be cut for integrated lighting strips to be inserted into each tread. The brief demanded that the slots be discreet, so that they were unseen from the side elevation of the tread, but were still accessible for maintenance.

The accuracy of the cutting that the water-jet cutter offers, enabled us to fulfil that brief.

The result is a fabulous, stylish staircase for this luxury home.

Speak to us if you would like to create a stone staircase.  We can advise on material and design, and then create in our masonry factory.  Call 01844 279274 or email