From time to time we are able to offer slightly graded products at discount prices.

 Product DescriptionSlab SizePrice + vatView a bigger image
Agra Setts (red sandstone)200 x 100 £0.30 each + vatView Larger Image
Kandla Grey- rusty markings-can be cleaned up with RPB Rust Remover- see larger image after cleaning£18.00 per sqm + vatView Larger Image
Silver Grey Granite Paving-Flamed surface450 x 450 x £15.00 per sqm + vatView Larger Image
Shadow Basalt Pool Coping-secondShadow Basalt Pool Copings- slight natural fissure- can be filled and sealed600 x 300 x 30mm with one bullnosed edge£25.00 per pieceView Larger Image
Red Sandstone Small Pavers
Sawn and Sandblasted
275 x 275 x £10.00 per sqm + vatView Bigger Image
Fossil Mint Tiles200 x 200 x 10-20mm thick
380 pieces in total
£120.00 + vat totalView bigger image
Imas White Marble Tiles600 x 600 x 20mm th.
£20.00 per sqm + vatView bigger image

This is always limited stock, and is ‘sold as seen’

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Prices are exclusive of vat and delivery.