DOFF Stone Cleaning System

Stoneworld have invested in the DOFF system to provide a superb stone cleaning system for particular situations.  Our operators have been Rosette accredited by Stonehealth in the professional use of the DOFF technology.

DOFF cleaning system is particularly useful in the removal of the following:
Paint coatings (most oil and plastic types)
Certain types of graffiti
Bird or vermin fouling
Algae, moss, and fungi including BLACK SPOT
Wax coatings
Chewing gum
Bitumen, Oil, Grease and many others, all
without causing any damage or disfiguring the

Using high temperature steam applied at low pressure the DOFF system works superbly on large stone areas or those which require careful treatment.

Stoneworld recommend DOFF cleaning system on surfaces such as stone, concrete, brick, tiles (glazed and encaustic), wood, and terracotta.

The surface being cleaned does not suffer any damaging pressure, thermal shock or deep saturation and dries within minutes.  This makes DOFF cleaning system ideal for use on surfaces such as old buildings or monuments.

Stoneworld are DOFF Rosette accredited, ensuring a professional service in your home or business.