PureMarble-Ultimate Protection for Marble & Limestone Surfaces

Protect your marble and limestone surfaces permanently with PureMarble 


At Last! A product that will protect your marble and limestone surfaces!

PureMarble sealant provides comprehensive, long lasting protection for your marble and limestone surfaces.

Worktops & flooring, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, can be susceptible to damage from everyday use when they are not protected.

  • Acids (food, alcohol, toiletries & urine are all acidic)
  • Scratches
  • Corrosion

Traditionally, products offering protection have fallen short of expectations.

PureMarble is a patented game changing formulation!

One easy application of PureMarble delivers an undetectable coating that creates a durable, hardwearing, nano barrier against acid, scratches & corrosion.

Application is via specifically designed apparatus, please ask us for details.

Retail Price

£100.00 + vat for 20ml. (sufficient for 6-10sqm coverage)

PureMarble is available exclusively at Stoneworld (Oxfordshire) Ltd.


Place your order today to revolutionise the care of your marble and limestone surfaces!

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