Where can I get a stone drainage grille for my deck level pool?

Deck level swimming pools are very popular just now, and as a result there is a need for drainage grilles, specifically designed for the this kind of pool.  Stoneworld are able to design and make 2 or 3 part coping systems that incorporate drainage grilles in stone that will match the surrounding paving or flooring. This creates a very elegant unified look to the pool area.

Deck Level Swimming Pools

A deck level pool is a style of swimming pool where the water in the pool sits level with the pool surround.  Water laps over the edge into a surrounding drainage channel, and the spilled water is collected in an overflow tank. This water is then recirculated into the pool via a filtration system. Extreme accuracy is required during design and construction to make this style of pool function correctly, but the finished result is very elegant, creating a seamless level between the poolside and the pool water.

Its no surprise that this style of pool has become a popular choice for new swimming pool builds in recent years.  They sit very nicely in any exterior setting as matching paving and pool copings come right up to the water’s edge creating a simple unified design.  Likewise, in an interior pool house the effect is very pleasing when the stone pool surround and water level meet without a change in level.

Stoneworld Multi Part Pool Coping Systems

At Stoneworld we are dealing with more and more requests for suitable drainage channels that can be matched to the chosen pool coping and terrace for deck level swimming pools.

When designing the drainage channel it is imperative that it is able to take the volume of overflow water created when the pool is in use, to avoid too much spillage over the surrounding pool terrace material.

Our customers have been able to achieve their designs by taking advantage of Stoneworld’s innovative approach to creating stone multi part coping systems with integrated drainage grilles and slots.  At Stoneworld we use the latest in stone cutting technology to enable some stunning results using stone.

We have developed a 2 and 3 part stone drainage grille system, which efficiently takes away the overflow water back to the tank for recirculating.  By using our water-jet cutter we are able to precision cut many of our stone types to create this very neat, high quality finish for your pool.  As you can see in this example, made from Yellow Mint Sandstone, the central part of the 3 part coping and grille sits in a pre-cut groove created from the 2 fixed outer parts of the system.  Care is taken to create enough grille cuts of a suitable size to take away the volume of water, whilst remaining safe for users, ensuring no trapped fingers or toes.

3 part drainage grille for deck level pool

In another project here we have developed a pool coping system with a drainage slot rather than a grille, using flamed basalt stone .   The specifically angled copings create a stable groove for the removable central piece to sit firmly and securely within, & is cut away underneath to allow the overflow water to drain back to the overflow tank.

drainage slot for deck level pool

On another project we created a pool coping and drainage grille system using Moleanos limestone.  In this project we designed and made a 3 part coping incorporating drainage grille, with cleverly cut copings enabling ease of laying for the installers, (on a flat bed) but with the soak away angle created by carving away the underside of the pieces to create the correct surface angle. On the surface the 3 pieces of the coping system and grille sit perfectly smoothly to each other, enabling the creation of  a perfectly angled set of copings to take the overflow water away. Moleanos Limestone swimming pool Dranaige Grille for deck level pool

Speak to us if you require matching coping and drainage grilles or slots for your deck level pool- we have lots of innovative solutions we can help you with.

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