What are the advantages of the Stoneworldd Eco-Brush Patio Cleaner versus the Traditional Power Washer?

.What are the advantages of the Stonewizard Eco-Brush Patio Cleaner versus the Traditional Power Washer?

We believe the eco-brush patio cleaner will revoutionise the maintenance of patio owners in the UK!

About 20 years ago a revolutionary new way to clean our outdoor surfaces arrived on the scene, and suddenly everyone was power-washing everything in sight! Then about 15 years ago Indian Sandstone patios and block-paved driveways also started to become popular in UK households.

Ever since then, power-washing has been the pre-eminent method to clean the patio or driveway in the UK.  Despite the well-known and much-experienced shortfalls of the power washer, it has been the beloved pastime of many a Sunday morning DIY-er!

The eco-brush patio cleaner will clean patios, driveways and decks so efficiently that we believe this new system will change everything again:


The generally well known drawbacks to using a power washer to clean the patio or driveway are:

  • The water pressure used to power wash surfaces damages pointing joints of patios
  • Likewise it forces out the jointing sand in block paving
  • Power washing can also blast away surface sediment. This creates porous surface areas where new problems may start as dirt is attracted to the newly opened pores in the freshly cleaned stone
  • Power washers create noise pollution (especially on a Sunday morning!!)
  • Power washers enthusiastically spread dislodged mess onto surrounding surfaces and walls, creating extra work
  • Power washer operation has to be interrupted when other people are passing by, due to the messy spray.
  • Results achievable by power washing are sometimes not that great. Stripy  effect results on paving have been witnessed, where the power washer is only actually effective in the direct highest pressure stream of the ‘gun.’
  • Although power washing can be a DIY job, it can be a costly activity both in money and time. Once you begin power washing, it can lead to extra work dealing with the subsequent issues it creates. E.g. repairing blown joints, cleaning adjacent areas accidentally blasted with dirty water, (maybe also taking partner out for Sunday lunch after upsetting them with obsessive use of power washer!)

Make way for the new Eco-Brush System

There is at last, a new, far more effective way to clean your patio, terrace, driveway, or deck that is also eco- friendly. Using rotating brushes and simply water, the Eco-Brush System gently but effectively washes away ingrained dirt very comprehensively without damaging paving or the environment.

The brush system has two sets of bristles working on different issues at the same time. The long bristles work on the grooves between the pavers, whilst the shorter bristles clean the patio surface. Think about the way your rotating electric toothbrush works. The same methodology applies here. Whereas the water pressure involved in power washing pits the surface of stone rather like sandblasting, leaving the surface fresh but textured, the rotary brush system operates in the exact opposite way, giving the surface a brushed finish, slightly smoothing any texture and leaving less pores open for dirt to attach to. Textured surfaces attract dirt easier, whereas smoother surfaces should repel more dirt, so rotary cleansing should help your patio stay cleaner for longer.

There are a number of advantages to using the eco-brush system against the traditional power washer:

  • Surfaces can be washed clean without any damage to the structure, rejuvenating the surfaces of stone, brick or wood back to their original clean state.
  • The rotary brushes will slightly smoothen the surface of the stone by slightly brushing off raised textured areas. This leaves less pores open on the stone’s surface.  This should help the stone surface remain cleaner for longer.
  • As there is no pressure directed at the joints pointing joints and jointing sand are not affected.
  • Impressive results can be achieved.
  • StoneWizard Eco-Brush has very low noise emissions whilst operating which is nice for the environment & your neighbours.
  • There is very little mess as there is no spray & the dislodged dirt is washed away on the surface, not up the surrounding walls.
  • As no chemicals are used, simply water, the eco brush system has a low impact on the environment.
  • The brushes in the Eco-Brush system are very effective at removing ingrained dirt on riven surfaces making it ideal for cleaning Indian Sandstone Patios.
  • Whilst not a DIY operation, the service carried out by trained operatives is a fast and efficient one, saving the homeowner time.  In the long run money will also be saved  as a thorough clean, will result in less frequent patio or driveway cleaning being required.
  • The Eco-Brush System will also remove weeds in the same operation.

Where Can I Book the Eco-Brush Patio & Driveway Cleaning System?

Speak to your stone specialist and ask if they offer a patio cleaning service. If they are using the new Eco-Brush Patio and Driveway Cleaning System, give it a try. Results can be impressive.

If you live in the Oxfordshire are Stoneworld can quote your for this service.




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