Our masonry factory has been constantly advancing in technological development over the last 10 years.

See a typical day in the Masonry Factory Here:

We are constantly researching what machinery is being developed to enable the work that we do to be produced more efficiently.

Our investments in the latest technology enable us to fulfil any projects however ambitious, artistic & precise our customers’ requirements are.

Robostone Digital Stone Carving Robot


When we purchased the Robostone multi axis digital stone carving robot in 2008, it increased our capability to take on complex projects massively.  We became an extraordinary stone cutting business, belonging to a very exclusive group of masonry workshops worldwide with this advanced technology.

We are able to create magnificent detailed multi-dimensional work on this machine, which takes its instructions from computer fed files. The diamond tipped carving tool is attached to a robotic arm that works on 7 axis giving a 360 degree range. Using our Digital robot we have done work for leading sculptors creating really important pieces of work.


Evolution x5 Water Jet Cutter

In 2013 we purchased our Evolution x5 water jet cutter.  This machine can cut with pinpoint accuracy using water pressure and garnet sand particles. We use this mostly for 2D work such as inlaid lettering, but also on any extremely detailed worktop cuts.



The water jet cutter is  extremely versatile, having the ability to work on 5 axis up to 69 degree angle incline. Very few masonry workshops have this piece of kit at their disposal. Although we are a masonry factory, this waterjetcutter can cut many different materials.  It works using a very high water pressure stream carrying garnet (mineral) particles to create a very accurate cut, which is directed by automated programming.


Weha Bridge Saw

For massive cutting jobs we have our Weha bridge saw.

We also use this for the initial cuts in more straightforward worktop production





Wire Saw

Our wire saw is another cool piece of kit.

It uses diamond impregnated beads on a cable to cut huge blocks of stone.

We used this recently to cut a massive stone block

for sculptor Liz Middleton








GMM Intra CNC Saw

Our most recent investment is the GMM Intra CNC Saw.

This enables us to speed up worktop production as it is highly automated, and accurate.

We will be able to program this machine to cut items such as fireplaces and worktops.







Kolb Genius

For edge profiling on worktop edges and pool copings

where we are creating bull-nosing or pencil edges we use the Kolb Genius.







The guys who work in the factory are highly skilled creative people who love their work.


Our investment in the right kit for the job makes them very proud of the work they can produce.



Our investments put us way ahead of the average worktop fabricator.  All our work is done accurately in our factory using precision cutting equipment.

However, there are still a few jobs that our skilled men need to do by hand, such as polishing.






Alongside our investment in the latest machinery we have developed the factory working environment to make it as pleasant as possible for our guys.  Our most recent upgrade has seen us install LED lighting throughout to reduce our energy use and create a well-lit work space.


Ceragioli MCC30 Dry Jet, Air Filtration System


We have also just completed installation of a super-efficient, air filtration system,

Ceragioli MCC30 Dry Jet,  which makes the air in our factory as dust free as possible,

increasing the comfort and well-being of our employees.

Watch this space, we are always looking for ways to make improvements!