stone wall cladding

Wall Cladding stone for residential and commercial building projects.

Convenient formats that make installation easy, especially where space is restricted.

Wall cladding stone is cut from natural stone in convenient formats  30mm thick  give the appearance of a full bed, especially  when used in conjunction with shaped corner pieces that wrap around exterior corners.

The reduced weight of this convenient product makes it economical to use with reduced transportation costs & cost savings over full bed stone at construction phase.

Available stone types :




Straights: 150-350mm length x 80-180mm width | 30mm thick.

Corners: long side 180-280mm | Short side 100-150mm | 100-250mm wide | 30mm thickness

Retail Price:

White Limestone wall cladding: £118 per sqm / £102 per linear metre

Gritstone wall cladding : £92 per sqm / £POA per linear metre

Gold Quartzite wall cladding: £94 per sqm / £86 per linear metre

Brown Sandstone wall cladding: £92 per sqm / £88 per linear metre

All prices exclude VAT and delivery.

This product is easily installed using tile adhesive such as Ultra Tile>>.

Point with sand and cement to create realistic exterior finish.