What’s The Best Way to Clean a Stone Floor?

What’s The Best Way to Clean a Stone Floor?

To own a stone floor is a lovely thing.  If you are lucky enough to have a home with stone floors, or if you are about to install them you are very fortunate.  They are a serious lifetime purchase, as they will outlive you!  Their natural qualities will develop over the years as the surface takes on its own patina, through wear.

Some owners of stone floors, however, don’t share the above views, and would gladly rip them up and replace them with something they feel is less demanding!

We’ve heard this occasionally at Stoneworld, when people have come to us, exasperated that their stone floor is dull, and it never looks properly clean.  These reports are generally from people who have bought properties with existing stone floors, and we meet them when they come to us asking for advice on how to rejuvenate the floors.

Cleaning a stone floor is easy if you have the right product, but many people get very frustrated with the poor results they are achieving whilst they are unwittingly using unsuitable cleaning products!

Quite often problems have initially been caused by ineffectual or non-existent sealing of the stone floor at installation, or throughout the lifetime of the stone floor.  Sealing is a very important part of caring and maintaining a stone floor.  Today there are a good range of sealers available for this purpose, which can really help protect your floor from staining and marking.  Ask your stone specialist to advise you on which one to buy for your floor.  At Stoneworld we strongly recommend this is a necessity as soon as a new stone floor is laid.

Going forward we don’t want our customers worrying about how to look after their floors, so every time Stoneworld install a new stone floor our customers are advised how to maintain them so that the beauty of the stone continues to shine through for years to come.

After a good effective sealer has been applied (this will need re-applying after a number of years depending on the product chosen), regular cleaning will be so much easier and the stone will continue to gleam.

Simply pushing a mop over it with soapy water is not the answer though, I’m afraid.  In fact that will begin to take the sheen away from your floor.

Stone floors need specific cleaners designed to meet their particular needs. That doesn’t mean they are tricky to care for, you just need to ask a stone specialist for their recommendation.

All stone has pores.  Different types of stone have small or large pores, but over time, if a specialist floor cleaner is not regularly used, these pores will harbour ingrained dirt that will effectively create the dullness we have noted above.

Most products sold in supermarkets are not designed for cleaning stone floors.  The surfactants present in a lot of multipurpose cleaning products, are made from oils of some sort.  Whilst they will break down surface dirt and spills, they will not have any effect on ingrained dirt sitting in the surface pores of the stone. Furthermore, as the mop is wiped over the floor, a thin layer of the fat in the detergent will remain on the floor surface, further spoiling the original appearance of the stone.

The use of a specialist floor cleaner like Rob Parkers Best Floor Cleaner can solve the above issues, because the formulation & method of usage are quite different to usual cleaning methods and specifically tailored to suit stone floors. It is very effective because it not only removes the ingrained dirt, but over time and continued usage will prevent the future build-up of new ingrained dirt. The accumulation of the tiny granules in the Floor Cleaner that will settle in the pores over time is a desirable quality, as they have the effect of preventing new dirt ingress and will also brighten the floor as they have reflective qualities.

We hope this article will help you to enjoy your stone floor.

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