Where can I buy Stone paving from during Covid-19 shutdown?

The necessary lock down during Covid-19 is causing disruption to business everywhere.  Whilst business is interrupted now, please think ahead for the early days of business resumption, as forward planning will enable you to go back to your landscaping projects if you are prepared.

During the shutdown its a great time to plan for the restart, and be prepared for that moment. If you have postponed landscaping projects in your diary, make sure you are prepared for the resumption of  business when it comes.

Stone businesses have always operated on varying levels of stock.  Some of the smaller businesses work on a single container of stock to keep overheads to a minimum, whilst the bigger ones usually hold more. However, we understand from our sources in India, that many larger businesses had already cancelled their orders for paving last week (w/c16Mar2020) to reduce their financial commitments.

At Stoneworld we have always held good stocks of many of our products. We currently have great stock levels across our range. We are able to take orders for stone and hold them for you ready for the resumption of normal business if required.  We can still deliver if your contractor is able to continue working safely through the shutdown.

The quarries in the UK are now shut for approximately 12 weeks.  The quarries in India, along with all business in India is now on total lock down.  When business resumes, remember that a shipping order from India will take up t0 14 weeks to arrive in the UK.

After the shutdown finishes there will be demand for paving, and many stone retailers will not be able to fulfil orders for some time.

Our strong advice is to place your order now with your stone supplier if they have the stock in the UK now.  This will enable you to start work on your deferred projects as soon as the lockdown is lifted.  If you risk leaving the order until after the lock down, you also risk not being able to source the paving.

At Stoneworld we have always held good stocks of many of our products. Contact us sooner rather than later to reserve your future order whilst we still have reserves available.

Speak to us on sales@stoneworld.co.uk or tel 01844 279274

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