Worldwide Stone Sourcing

Stoneworld have built up an enviable worldwide network of contacts over the years for stone sourcing.  This enables us to help you achieve the stone specification you are looking for.

Worldwide Stone Imports

We import stone from many countries around the world giving you the widest possible choice.  Products we have currently come from











Plus many other countries, depending on the requests we receive.

Our stone is of a superior quality, and we buy nothing we haven’t checked ourselves for both quality, sound consistent supply,  and ethical production methods.

Speak to us about your project.  We are very capable and very willing to help you get the right stone for your project.

This may be a specific marble for a worktop, a particularly large piece of un-worked stone for a sculpture or some specially produced slab sizes, which we can import in for you.

British Stone 

Similarly, we are able to service all requests for heritage British stone requirements.  We are experiencing an upturn in interest in stone from around the UK.  Stoneworld can bring in any British stone you require.  You will see on our website that we can readily supply:

York stone

Forest Pennant,

Devon Slate,

Portland Stone

Bath Stone

All of our gravels are from British quarries.

Extra Services

With all our stone, if you need specific sizes, require particular cuts to create a bespoke design, or need unique stonework creating, we have the technology and experience onsite to help you achieve your project.

Call 01844 279274 for assistance today.