About Us

Our work includes projects across Oxfordshire & beyond.

Our Story

Stoneworld is a family business based in Oxfordshire with over 20 years of experience. We all have a passion for stone and are always on the look-out for exceptional new products to add to our range that will inspire you in your interior and exterior projects! With our wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of stone we can advise you on stone selection, laying patterns, suitability, etc. We are always happy to share our expertise.

Our Workshop

Our stone pieces are produced with craftsmanship and care in our factory in Great Milton, Oxfordshire, to ensure quality. Whether you require bespoke stone cutting or complex design work, we are always happy to help you achieve your design aspirations. Our high-tech masonry workshop team are highly skilled, using the latest stone cutting machinery. This enables us to offer solutions for any architectural, sculptural or landscaping requirement.

Continuous investments into the technological developments of our Masonry Workshop enables us to fulfil any project, no matter how ambitious, artistic or unique it may be.

Digital Mason

Innovation takes courage

Our masonry factory has been constantly advancing in technological development over the last 20 years. We are continually researching what machinery is being developed to enable the work that we do to be produced more efficiently. Our investments in the latest technology enable us to fulfil any projects however ambitious, artistic & precise our customers’ requirements are. All our work is done accurately in our factory using precision cutting equipment.

The artistry of exceptional craftsmanship

Aside from our innovative technology, it’s our team of people who really makes a difference. Our factory workers are all highly skilled colleagues who love to go the extra mile to create extraordinary things. Our investment in the right kit for the job makes them very proud of the work they can produce. No task is too ambitious. There are also a few jobs that our skilled people need to do by hand, such as polishing.

Stoneworld is certified to ISO 45001 and 9001 standards.

Rob, Managing Director
Steve, Digital Mason
Ellie, Sales Director
Amanda, Accounts
Rob, Marketing Manager
Michael, Warehouse & Logistics
Karl, Workshop Op.
Shelley, Office Manager
Kyle, Driver
Will, Marketing
Dan, Sales Exec.
Vince, Production Manager
Jimmy, Workshop Op.
Declan, Workshop Op.
Jack, Workshop Op.
Luis, Workshop Op.
Bess, Top Dog