We scour the country to locate the best quality stone and source all our aggregates directly from the quarry. Uniquely, our stone is pure. It’s all in the details, each piece needs to hit the right quality criteria to ensure we provide you with a premium product. The colour of Stoneworld aggregates is unaffected by any weather damage. We go the extra mile to dig it up from within the quarries to ensure we obtain the highest quality stone that will look beautiful in any landscaping setting. 


Decorative pebbles will complete your garden make over. They can be used in various ways to enhance landscaping schemes. Try them around plants as a decorative mulch to suppress weeds, or place them in dry riverbed schemes.

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Slates and Mulches

Slate mulches and chippings can be used around the garden to create paths, suppress weeds, or as a decorative covering around other garden ornamentation.

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There are many different colours and sizes of gravel available for landscaping. Our selection will ensure you can create a unique garden for your project.

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If you are building a large project, and require materials in bulk, Stoneworld can organise bulk quantities of landscaping materials anywhere in the UK at very competitive prices. For loads in excess of 20 tonnes we can arrange tipper lorries to deliver directly to your site, or if your order is deliverable in multiple bulk bags or crates, we will use the Palletways delivery system to deliver to you. Speak to us to get the best quote.