Stoneworld are able to create unique stone staircases in the masonry workshop. Once your staircase design has been formed from poured concrete or fabricated in steel, we can create a precision cut stone cladding, making a stunning architectural centrepiece for your home.  

The process

Interested in a stone staircase for your project? Stoneworld can guide you through the process and take care of everything.

Our team would visit the site and template the proposed step treads and risers using our digital scanner to create accurate templates. Once the staircase is templated, we can run you through different stone options. When the stone is chosen, we make individual pieces in the masonry factory using the water-jet cutter for accuracy. This ensures precision and a perfectly fitted staircase. Once that’s finished, the stone pieces are ready to be shipped and fitted. 

Stoneworld can also calculate a quote based on a drawing before we come and template. Please contact us with your enquiry.  

Head to our blog post to read more about the process involved in creating your dream staircase.

If you have any other questions on staircases, please leave your details and our project advisors will be in touch.

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