How to Create a Natural Stone Column

Recently, we were asked to create these two beautiful Bath stone Doric columns for a customer. Utilising premium bed base Bath stone, our team set to work on making them a reality. Here’s how we did it.

CAD Design

First, a design was created by our digital mason, Steve, to precisely recreate the customer’s design in our CAD software to be fabricated. By taking exact measurements and creating the 3D design, this could then be input into our state of the art 7 axis robot for production.

7 Axis Robot

Next, the robot utilised the data from the CAD software to intricately recreate the design into the stone. Initially milling each piece into the required form, before precision cutting each piece to measure. Each piece is drilled through the centre to allow the supporting bar to be placed throughout the column and secure it.

Hand Finishing

With the machining complete, each piece can be hand polished to create a smooth, uniform surface. The pieces can then be mounted into the final column and tested to ensure the correct dimensions and to check the final structure for defects. Once the stone is completely dry, these pieces are ready to go out to the customer.

You can see the full process of creating these stone columns in the video below.

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