The Shift Towards Pool Refurbishments

The swimming pool industry in the United Kingdom has grown significantly since the 1980s, as more homeowners choose to build pools in their outdoor spaces. Swimming pools however, have a lifespan of approximately 25 years before they need to be refurbished and with the growing popularity of pool refurbishments in the UK, the industry is seeing an increase in demand for pool refurbishment services. Homeowners increasingly recognise the value of prolonging the life and functioning of their existing pools. This expanding trend shows a shift away from only installing new pools but towards a more sustainable method of revitalising and updating old ones. This shift is consistent with the industry’s dedication to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Pool refurbishment

Why Refurbish Instead of Building New?

Refurbishments enable a faster transition, allowing homeowners to enjoy their newly renovated pools sooner. Additionally, refurbishment is generally less expensive than new construction, making it an appealing alternative for homeowners wishing to improve their outside spaces.

What is Involved in Pool Refurbishment?

Refurbishing a swimming pool is an effective approach to avoid problems caused by wear and tear, damage, or outdated components. In the past, refurbishment mainly involved replacing plumbing lines and improving equipment in the plant room, but with many older pools, all equipment needs to be replaced and upgraded. This not only restores the pool, but also extends its life and improves its performance.

The rehabilitation could further involve replacing tiles, repairing cracks, improving pool pumps and filters, as well as installing contemporary heating systems. With the growing trend of sustainability, traditional oil or gas boilers are being replaced with energy-efficient air-source heat pumps to improve heating efficiency.

The cost of this restoration varies according to the project’s size and complexity, although it is typically less expensive than building a whole new pool.

Modernising Pool Features

The trend of renovating pools goes beyond practicality; aesthetics is a major consideration as well. For increased convenience, pull-over covers are being replaced with automatic thermal transfer covers, and liners are now offered in a range of stylish colours. One of the largest changes to a pool when refurbishing is the replacement of outdated concrete copings with stylish stone copings and complementary pavers. Here’s where Stoneworld comes in, providing a selection of premium natural stone and porcelain alternatives that can revitalise your swimming pool. If you are struggling to decide between natural stone or porcelain copings for your project – we have summarised some key differences here for you to explore.

Kota Brown Handcut Paving
Eshott Beige Porcelain Pool Copings

Every year, we work on several pool refurbishments, bringing our natural stone knowledge to the development of swimming pools around the United Kingdom. By replacing outdated concrete copings with stone copings and adding matching or complementary paving, we have played an important role in transforming old-looking pools into spaces that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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