Pre-Production Digital Sculpting
Pre-Production Digital Sculpting

Once an object has been digitally scanned, digital sculpting on screen, enables stone work to be repaired or redesigned before digital carving commences. Whether it is a human head, a sculpture or an ornate gate stanchion, it can be digtally sculpted, or edited on screen to produce the desired outcome.

The morphing software can be utilised to repair missing sections of stone work, fill in cracks where stone work is damaged, or completely reconfigure any object.

This method was used in a major project that we were involved in.  Did you know the original Chatsworth lions have flat backs?  Digital technology was used to create completely 3 dimensional copies to work from.

View The Lion Project here>>

Using the skill of the operator, reference images and the robot’s highly advanced software techniques, a badly damaged artefact can be reproduced in its original condition with relative ease.

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