Water Jet Cutting Service

Stoneworld offer state of the art Water Jet Cutting services using the latest technology available.


Water Jet Stone Cutting Services
Water Jet Stone Cutting Services

Our Water Jet Cutter created the above pieces of intricate stone work from 30mm carrara marble.

Think of the possibilites with your next project.

Our stone cutting service will open up the design opportunities that you can offer your customers.

Using our onsite water jet cutter we are able to cut the most intricate of designs into many different materials.

We offer

  • stone cutting
  • porcelain cutting
  • steel cutting
  • glass cutting
  • wood cutting
  • plastic cutting
  • titanium cutting.

Calling all Designers! Use our water jet cutting service to create unique statement pieces, limitless possibilities with this state of the art tool.


Some unique features offered by our water jet cutter include the following:

  • 5 axes and up to 69 degree angle
  • 3D up to 300mm in height
  • 300mm cutting depth
  • 0.8-1.2mm cutting width
  • 6200 bar (87000psi)
  • Previous limitations with waterjet cutting are gone with our machine as we can work on 3D objects for you.
  • Oscillating tip- ideal for porcelain cutting. Reduces pressure on the material.

Our water jet cutter  is able to create pattern on virtually any shaped surface.

Ring us with your ideas. We can help make them real.

All work carried out by skilled craftsmen in our own onsite workshop.

Contact us today for a water jet cutting quote on 01844 279274 or email sales@stoneworld.co.uk