Grey Coping Stones

If you are looking for beautiful, high-quality coping stones, we can help. We offer a wide range of grey coping stones, perfect for any project.


At Stoneworld, we offer both natural stone and porcelain copings. This means you can choose the material best suited to your project needs.

Our natural stone copings are high-quality and will last a lifetime if they are maintained correctly. Our sister brand, Rob Parker’s Best offers a range of stone care and maintenance products, helping you to keep your natural stone looking as beautiful as they day you bought it.

We offer a huge selection of natural stone, including multiple shades of grey copings.

Porcelain is a popular alternative to natural stone, as it is very easy to maintain due to it being much less porous than stone. Porcelain is a great choice for contemporary, modern projects, and we offer porcelain copings in a wide variety of colours, including grey.

grey porcelain coping


Stoneworld’s natural stone and porcelain copings are not only used for swimming pools, but they can also be used for wall copings, step treads and lots more! These stones are extremely versatile, and we also provide extra-thick coping stones for uses such as step treads, to cope with higher levels of foot traffic.


Our grey coping stones are available in a range of finishes, including hand-cut, tumbled or sawn, meaning we can provide a product that will suit your project requirements, whatever they may be. This gives you freedom to ensure that you choose the perfect product.

Our porcelain grey coping stones are also available in different finishes, depending on their intended use. For example, we can supply porcelain with a more textured finish if it will be used by the side of a swimming pool, to ensure better safety.

Bespoke solutions

At Stoneworld, we also have an on-site masonry workshop where we can create everything you need in stone. From bespoke pool copings, to bespoke steps, and everything in between, nothing is too ambitious for us!

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Featured products

Kandla Grey Sawn & Sandblasted Pool Copings
From £45.95/Each
Tevershall Pennant Grey Sawn Pool Copings
From £93.5/Each
Tundra Grey Hand-Cut Pool Copings
From £32.45/Each

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If you have any questions about our coping stones, please leave your details and one of our project advisors will get in touch with you.

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