Cropped Granite Setts Driveway Project

Look at this landscaping project using a variety our products. This bright scheme really sets off the lovely old farmhouse.

driveways with kerb appeal


This design features cropped granite setts in 5 colours with an added limestone accent sett to bring the design together. If you would like a driveway similar to this, please ask us to create the ideal mix for your project from these beautiful Portuguese granite setts, available in a range of colours.

*Since this drive was laid in 2017, we have updated our Grange Mix and now include a white granite sett instead of the limestone shown here.

Other elements included in the featured project are a white mint sandstone drainage gully created in our masonry workshop, and ravina sandstone paving plus yorkstone paving.

Granite kerbstones, cut to fit in our workshop, edge the driveway.  All the materials used here are available at Stoneworld.

At Stoneworld we can show you a wide variety of setts in different materials, colours and formats, useful for all landscaping schemes

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