We undertook a project for PAYE , the conservation specialists, in 2015, when they worked at Earls Court in London prior to its demolition.  We were employed to take digital scans of important relief sculptures by David Evans

When Earls Court was opened in 1937 David Evans, a Manchester born sculptor had been commissioned to created a series of relief sculpture panels.  The panels depicted scenes of some of the type of events that Earls Court was built to host.  These were installed on the Warwick Road facade with neon lighting and became synonymous with the image of the building.  It was deemed by English Heritage that  these had historical significance, and prior to demolishing the building for redevelopment in 2015, PAYE were commissioned to dismantle and remove the sculptures and signage for safe keeping.

In turn, PAYE employed Stoneworld to take our mobile digital scanning unit onsite to record 3D images of the relief panels, just in case any damage occurred during their removal.

This is Steve, our Digital Mason being delivered to work!

Onsite we used the Konica Minolta Vivid 9i non contact laser scanner to record all the detail of the panels. Each file is stored, and should it be necessary, replicas could be carved using our digital stone carving robot.


For now, the data is safely stored at Stoneworld should the panels need to be replaced or restored in the future.


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