Do You Need to Seal Granite Worktops?

If you have invested in granite worktops, there is no doubt that you want to protect it to keep them looking great for many years. Granite worktops are known for their durability, but to keep them in good condition, proper maintenance is important. Sealing granite worktops is the biggest maintenance question we get with granite, especially if they are in the kitchen and are subject to daily mess and spills. You don’t need expert skills to properly seal your granite worktops, and with the right guidance, it can be done easily.

Granite worktop sealer

Do Granite Worktops Need Sealing?

Despite granite being a robust and dense natural stone, it is still porous, and this means it should be sealed to safeguard against spills, stains, and general wear and tear.  A high-quality sealer acts as a shield, repelling liquids and preventing food spills from causing permanent damage to the granite surface. Granite worktops need to be sealed before their first use and then occasionally afterwards to maintain it’s effectiveness. Some granite worktops will come pre-sealed, so before sealing your granite worktop, check with your supplier to see if it has already been done.

The frequency of resealing will be dependent on the type of granite you have, as some types are more porous and in turn require resealing more frequently. If you are unsure, you should always speak to the supplier of your granite worktop.

What Happens If Granite Is Not Sealed?

If granite countertops are not sealed, they become vulnerable to various issues. First and foremost, liquids such as wine, oil, or acidic substances can seep into the stone, causing stains that may be challenging to remove. Additionally, the more porous types of untreated granite make it susceptible to bacterial growth, posing potential health hazards.

Without proper sealing, granite is also more prone to scratches and dullness over time. The protective barrier provided by a granite worktop sealer adds an extra layer of defence against daily wear and tear, ensuring that your granite worktops retain their lustre.

Choosing the Right Granite Worktop Sealer

For a good quality granite worktop sealer, we recommend using RPB Quartz and Granite Sealer, as this advanced formula is designed specifically for quartz and granite surfaces, providing long-lasting protection against stains and spills. With its UV-resistant properties, this sealer will enhance the lifespan of granite worktops, keeping them looking as stunning as the day they were installed.