How do I get stone delivered to my holiday home?

Today many more people than ever before are fortunate enough to own a second home, either in the UK, or in the holiday destinations of Europe and even further afield.

The process of making these second homes the desirable havens the owners want to create, either for private use, or hiring them out as holiday homes, often includes some refurbishment.

Whether this is a complete building renovation, or simply the addition of a patio for outdoor relaxation, the owner may be looking for stone or porcelain, paving or tiles as part of that project.

Can I buy the stone I need abroad? 

Buying building and landscaping materials is something that customers may rarely need to do in a lifetime, making it an unfamiliar experience at the best of times, therefore trying to source these materials in an unfamiliar place might seem a little overwhelming.

You want to be sure that you have seen all the options, quality, & prices before making a decision, just like you would for a major purchase back in the UK.  At home it’s easy; you may check out your options on the internet, ring a few local suppliers, & then visit the ones that sound most promising, place your order, and receive your delivery to suit your timetable.

Of course, depending on how much time you spend at your holiday home, and how well you have already integrated into the area & country, you may simply do all your sourcing & buying out there.

If you are confident traveling around the local suppliers and speaking to them, possibly in a foreign language, then there is no reason why you can’t negotiate your own stone orders.

For instance, if you have already found your tradesmen and have a good rapport with them, they can probably reduce the legwork required for you.

If I want to buy stone for my holiday home, using a UK stone business, how do I go about it?

If your time at your holiday home is limited, and you have been browsing the possible choices whilst at home, why not approach your trusted UK stone supplier in the UK and see whether they can help you?

If you’ve already found a stone business that you trust for your paving, pool copings, flooring or worktops why not buy from them for your holiday home?

You know what they sell, you can see the options available, maybe you’ve already bought from them before, so know the quality you can expect. Discussing your project plans with them will be easy, in your own time, removing the possibility of making a rushed, rash decision.

How will the process of buying and then delivering the stone to my holiday home be managed?

Using a specialist stone business in the UK to supply the stone you need at your holiday home either in the UK or in Europe should be a serious consideration. A committed stone supplier will have a network of reliable contacts in the international stone market that they can tap into; to help you put together your order.

Depending on the product you require, they will have a trusted supplier that they can go to directly to source your stone: after all it’s what they do all the time, as the majority of their stock originates from overseas.

Therefore they will already have good trading relationships with stone sellers in places such as Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Egypt, and many more, supplying Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Granite, etc.

A stone specialist business will be willing and curious to find solutions for customers who have very specific requirements with their stone order, whether it’s to source an unusual stone, or as in this case, to manage a delivery to somewhere unusual.

Just as with a normal domestic order, samples can be sourced for you in the UK, and when you have selected the desired stone, the order will be placed, and can be delivered directly to your holiday home, either overseas, or down in the Scilly Isles, or up in the Scottish Highlands, no problem.  The process can be handled for you.

It’s very straightforward and even commonplace within certain business communities, to organise pallet deliveries of stone material throughout the UK, using established haulage networks.  Again, if you choose the right company, they will have already sorted out a system for this kind of transaction to operate smoothly, by choosing their favoured reliable haulier, based on care of product in transit, and efficiency of delivery, to ensure their own reputation can be upheld throughout the supply chain.  So for example if you live in the Midlands, but have a bolt hole in The Isle of Man, this kind of operation can be dealt with very easily.

For customers with holiday homes abroad the process can be managed similarly.  Go to your stone specialist in the UK, choose your products from them by viewing samples in the UK and viewing products at their premises, or online.  The stone company should then be able to organise with their suppliers to ship your order straight from the source e.g. Turkey, to your holiday home e.g. Sardinia, without the need to import it to the UK first.

This method of ordering actually helps the environment too, by reducing the carbon footprint, as  purchases being delivered directly into Europe, from the source of the stone cuts down on transportation miles and fuel.

Enjoy your holiday home; we hope this article has smoothed the way to you spending more time relaxing in it.

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