How do I protect my marble worktops from damage?

Stoneworld can offer advice on the best way to protect natural marble surfaces

Marble worktop surfaces are incredibly popular, yet they can be damaged through everyday use, if they are not cared for appropriately. Their popularity stems from current interior design trends that take influence from the past, when marble was used in the kitchen as a practical surface. Polished marble surfaces have always been associated with luxury lifestyles, and this trend continues to be popular.

Why are marble worktops so popular?

Marble is a beautiful material, and can elevate any home.

However, in Victorian times, when refrigeration was not available, marble worktops were invaluable for keeping food cool on, and for using as a preparation surface. The Victorians weren’t precious about keeping the surface shiny; these surfaces were used as a workhorse. Today we want the look, but we are precious about the appearance of these luxury materials!

If you are looking to have a marble worktop installed, have you considered a quartz alternative? Marble can be very porous, which is why it can be damaged so easily. This is also why many quartz materials now accurately resemble marble, as they are much more hardwearing and easy to maintain, but you can still achieve the beautiful marble look.

What substances will ruin marble worktops?

Any acidic substance spilt on a marble top can create a dull mark which cannot be removed by cleaning.  Everyday substances used in the kitchen and bathroom commonly contain acid, which will burn through the surface finish. By acidic substance we mean common household substances used in the kitchen every day such as milk, wine, tomato juice or lemon juice. Furthermore, in the bathroom, acidic substances mean soaps, toiletries & urine.  Hardly avoidable in the bathroom!  One splash on your real Carrara marble worktop or floor can etch the marble, leaving a permanent, dull scar. Plus knife cuts can easily scar the surface over time.

Prevention is the key with marble countertops.

Careful use and immediate mopping of spillage was the best advice available until recently. Previous attempts at developing surface protection have fallen short of the mark. Many of the older treatments available changed the surface appearance of the natural marble, either in colour or texture.

Is there an alternative material?

Yes! We would recommend a quartz worktop. If you still want to achieve the same look as a marble worktop, we can source a sheet of quartz that looks like marble.

We also provide a range of stone care and cleaning products; our Rob Parker’s Best range. Within our product range, we have a Quartz and Granite Sealer, and a Quartz and Granite Cleaner. When used in conjunction with one another, these products ensure that your quartz worktop is properly sealed and easy to maintain every day.

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