How do I remove Green Algae from my patio?

Green Algae growth on outdoor surfaces is a problem for homeowners throughout the UK.

Why do I have green algae on my patio?

Green Algae will normally form on areas of your patio where light is restricted.  Under the shadow of trees where rainwater lingers is the perfect setting for green algae to thrive.

Affected surfaces become slimy when wet. This causes a slip hazard where accidents can potentially happen. If algae is left to dry over the summer it will turn black and make the patio look dark and dirty, providing ideal conditions for the process to begin again the following winter.

In damp but mild conditions (hello UK!) green algae can be prolific!

How do I remove Green Algae from my patio?

Available methods of algae removal:

  1. Power washing: this will remove the algae but may also damage the patio surface and grout creating more work.
  2. The easy solution is to apply a proprietary  algae remover / inhibitor.

Choose your algae remover carefully as there are many products available that are simply derivatives of bleach. These will remove the colour of the algae but not remove the problem. Solve the problem correctly with an effective spray on algae killer.

Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover and Patio Reviver will kill green algae.  This treatment will kill and remove the green slimey stains, restoring your patio.

How can I stop green algae from growing on my patio?

Using a specific algal killer such as Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover and Patio Reviver, will not only kill the green algae that are present; it also provides residual protection to the paving for up to 12 months preventing further algal growth.

The product works gradually. Over a period of days daily improvement can be seen in the stone surface.  The formulation works in conjunction with atmospheric conditions (sun, rain and air temperature) giving ongoing protection against further build-up of green algae throughout the season.

Furthermore, if the product is applied every year, at the same time, the problem can be permanently solved.

Use Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover & Patio Reviver as a Preventative Treatment

At Stoneworld we apply Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover and Patio Reviver to our paved areas every September as a preventative measure. When the weather begins to turn damper and cooler at the beginning of Autumn, green algae can take over. Protect your patio against growth through the winter rather than allowing algae to grow and then killing the algae once you have it.

How do I apply Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover & Patio Reviver?

Using our product is easy!

Simply spray onto affected surfaces using a garden sprayer.

The product is sold in small 250ml bottles that we ask you to dilute with 4 litres of water before use. This makes enough to cover 25 square metres.  By selling the product in a concentrated format we can save on packaging – one way that Stoneworld can help to save the planet.  So many companies sell diluted products in large wasteful containers – we are trying to get away from that in the future. We are sure you won’t mind diluting the product at home when you think about the reasoning behind it.

At Stoneworld we recommend Rob Parkers Best Products for many care and maintenance jobs on stone surfaces.  We have developed the range in conjunction with scientists to ensure good results can be achieved, offering stone owners TOTAL STONE CARE.  Check out the full range here>>

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