How to re-point a patio

Restore your patio to its former glory by re-pointing it.

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Re-pointing a patio is not a difficult job, and can make a real difference to the appearance of a patio.

What causes pointed patio joints to disintegrate?

If your patio has been down for a few years it will have been through a few winters.  The UK winter climate is cold and damp, with occasional freezing periods.  This recurring freeze and thaw process is what causes many patios in the UK to deteriorate. The temperature change causes the stone paving and the  traditional pointing material to expand when frozen and contract on thawing. Over a period of time the pointing may crack and then disintegrate.

What can be done to repair pointing joints in a patio?

To repair pointing joints in a patio:

  1. First rake out the loose material.  This is most effectively done with an old screwdriver or similar.
  2. Brush away the loose material.
  3. Wash out the cleaned joints with either a power washer or a hosepipe.
  4. Use a resin based pointing compound to re-point the patio. We recommend Residual to point and repoint patios Buy Residual here>>
  5. Follow these instructions for using Residual>>

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