Where can I buy rockery stone?

The best place to buy rockery stone is from a reliable stone merchant. There are many reasons why this is a wise choice.

A stone merchant will be able to source and stock a much bigger selection of rockery stone than you will ever see at a garden centre or your local DIY shed.

As with paving stone, there are many colours of rockery stone available from black through every colour to palest cream.  The better the stone supplier, the more choice you will be offered.

Plus a stone merchant will be able to offer you much greater flexibility regarding the quantity you require for your project, meaning that your creativity will not be hampered by the restrictions that may be placed on you by a garden centre or a DIY store’s limitations. E g. at a stone merchant you should be able to buy rockery stone in either bulk bags or by kg depending on your requirements.  You should also be able to arrange for your purchase to be delivered to your home easily.

In a garden centre or DIY store rockery stone is commonly displayed in wire cages, where you may only see about 10 pieces of 4 or 5 choices of stone.  Whereas, if you go to a stone specialist you will see so many more options, stocked in bulk, ready for delivery.  Or, if you require just a little material, they will weigh it out for you by the kg and you will be able to take it home in your car on the day.  Plus if you don’t see what you want, a good stone merchant will be able to source the product you require, as they will have access to many products directly from the quarries they are buying from, and won’t have a problem getting a special order in for you.

Rockery stone is a fabulous medium for creating informal looking garden areas in which to grow alpine plants through (the traditional use of rockery) but larger pieces can also look great placed as feature stones or for informal walling projects.

Don’t forget to ask your stone supplier for advice if you are planning to place your rockery stone around water.  There are certain things to consider with a water feature involving stone.  For instance, certain stones will leach minerals into water, which can be harmful to aquatic life.

The correct stone type and format is required for the building of garden walls. A low informal dry stone wall can be built from various sized pieces of stone, whereas a more formal wall will require stone of a more uniform size.

Be sure to ask your stone merchant for their advice, they will know what stone is suitable for your project. They will also be able to help you calculate the quantity of stone for your project.

A stone merchant will also be able to offer you advice about building these projects and may have examples laid out on site to help you visualise what you are going to build at home.

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