Where can I get large format porcelain sheets from?

Large format porcelain sheets are a fabulous material for interior design projects. The format allows porcelain to be used in exciting new ways to add a feeling of luxury to contemporary homes.

Stoneworld’s large format porcelain sheets

At Stoneworld we have a wide range of large format porcelain sheets to choose from. Our range features styles that mimic luxurious natural materials such as limestones and marbles.

View our large format porcelain products

Beige Madeira Horizon Large Format Porcelain Sheets
From £48.91/
Dark Geostone Large Format Porcelain Tiles
From £161.82/
Calacatta Oro Delight Large Format Porcelain Sheets
From £170.93/
Venato Bianco Delight Large Format Porcelain Sheets
From £170.91/

Where can I use large format porcelain sheets?

New technology in the field of porcelain production now enables the creation of extra large laminated porcelain sheets.

Formats up to 3000mm x 1000mm and 2600mm x 1200mm are available.  The sheet thickness can now be as thin as 6mm. This creates a massive lightweight sheet that is usable for wall cladding projects, creating a stunning luxurious effect. Use within the home or hotel, or office!

Porcelain large format sheets can be used to create luxury shower enclosures, or striking kitchen walls for example. By fitting these sheets, it is possible to dispense with the need to maintain metres and metres of grout between tiles!  Use porcelain sheets for interior decoration to create virtually maintenance free living. The sheer size of these sheets creates a luxurious ambience wherever they are placed in a home.

Interior Wall Cladding

Alternatively, use large format porcelain sheets as a contemporary wall cladding or make stunning splash backs.

Matching porcelain tiles in smaller formats

In addition to the large format sheets, smaller porcelain tiles in matching materials are available to use on walls and floors.

Porcelain tiles for interior and exterior projects

Furthermore, it is possible to match interior floor tiles and exterior patio slabs. Use Thicker 20mm formats outside.  Think about the threshold of a bi-fold door where the same material can bridge the interior and exterior floor surfaces- stunning!

How to cut porcelain sheets and tiles

At Stoneworld we are here to help you achieve your design aspirations with porcelain.

Stoneworld masonry workshop has invested in the best water jet cutter available to cut porcelain. With our equipment and on-site masonry workshop, we are able to cut porcelain to any specification.

Find out more about our bespoke masonry services here.

Please call us on 01844 279274 or email us at sales@stoneworld.co.uk for any further advice you require.  Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand for tips and advice. Alternatively, you can fill in the enquiry form below and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

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