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Earnshaw British Sandstone Paving

Great British Stone
From £148.40 ㎡

Earnshaw British Sandstone Paving, meticulously crafted from hard British sandstone, exhibits a medium to coarse-grained texture. The warm golden to buff tones, gracefully blending into grey hues, will add depth and character to your landscape. Some slabs feature veining of both colours, creating a truly unique design. Its hardwearing nature ensures that it can effortlessly withstand the rigours of daily life, making it a perfect choice for your outdoor spaces

Earnshaw British Sandstone Paving offers a plethora of formats to cater to your unique vision. Whether you opt for classic large-format slabs to make a bold statement or prefer a more intricate pattern with smaller units, this paving stone adapts effortlessly to your design preferences.

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