Beautifully British: Lambton Self-Faced York Stone

Beautiful, traditional and timeless. This client chose our popular Lambton Self-Faced York stone paving from our Great British Stone Selection for their project.

Our Lambton Self-Faced York stone is a traditional sandstone that has been used for many years in British architecture and landscaping. It is very hardwearing and has a smooth surface with gentle indentations.

This client chose to create a relaxing patio area next to their swimming pool, where they could enjoy their garden and its beautiful surroundings. The Lambton Self-Faced York stone complimented their home and garden perfectly, with a stunning mix of brown, blue, beige and grey tones.

Stoneworld also fabricated a set of steps for this client, from the same Lambton Self-Faced York stone paving, to create continuity through the garden landscaping scheme.

Further levels were created with this Great British stone, to connect the different areas of paving together. This stone is extremely versatile and works beautifully with all architectural aspects of this project.

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Lambton Self-Faced York Stone Paving

Lambton Self-Faced York Paving
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