Black Basalt Dog Sculpture

We recently had the privilege of undertaking a truly heartwarming project in premium black basalt. Our client approached us with a unique request: to replicate a cherished model of a dog, originally crafted by his infant son in plasticine, into natural stone. What made this project even more special was the occasion it was intended for – the son, now all grown up, was to receive this stone rendition as a birthday gift.

Client’s Vision

The client’s vision was clear— to transform the whimsical creation of childhood into a lasting piece of art. We carefully selected black basalt as the medium for its durability and timeless elegance.

The Process

The journey commenced with a digital scan of the original model, capturing its intricate detail. Using CAD tools, we expanded and refined the digital replica to a larger piece. This precise digital blueprint served as the guiding force for our state-of-the-art 7-axis robot, which expertly carved the black basalt block with unparalleled accuracy.

To ensure stability and precision throughout the machining process, the black basalt was securely fastened onto a sacrificial stone. This crucial step provided a steady foundation, allowing our team to employ a combination of specialized tools, including a 25 mm crown router and secondary tooling. After several hours, our robotic system sculpted the stone, gradually revealing the familiar shape of the beloved dog.

Sustainability Initiative

Throughout the machining process, water played a crucial dual role: it functioned to optimize tool efficiency by effectively cooling them and washing away any debris on the material. Our innovative system is designed to ensure that this water wasn’t wasted but rather collected, filtered, and then pump back into circulation for reuse. This sustainable approach not only minimized waste but also upholds our commitment to responsible resource management.

Hand Finishing

Following the robotic machining, our skilled masons hand-finished the sculpture using a combination of variable-speed grinders, sanding pads, and precision tools such as a Dremel. A special leathering tool was employed to achieve the desired texture and tone, ensuring a flawless finish that captured the essence of the original plasticine creation.

Client Satisfaction

We take immense pride in exceeding our client’s expectations. Their delight upon seeing the finished sculpture was the ultimate reward for our team. Knowing that this timeless piece would bring joy to its recipient on a special day filled us with a profound sense of fulfilment.

At Stoneworld, we take pride in turning dreams into reality, crafting timeless pieces that resonate with emotion and meaning. This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and the enduring power of natural stone to captivate hearts and minds.

Watch the full process on our youtube and see the incredible transformation unfold.

View more videos on our Youtube channel here.

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