Desert Delight in Porcelain

A beautiful project completed in Story porcelain paving, in the shade 'Desert'.

Stoneworld were able to help this client bring their dream to life, by providing Story porcelain paving in the shade ‘Desert’, for both interior and exterior elements of this project, alongside bespoke pool copings for their stunning swimming pool.

(Pool by: Deep End Pools)

The client had 20mm porcelain paving for the exterior of the project, in a textured finish, to create a slip-resistant surface, which is a lot safer. 20mm provides sufficient strength for exterior paving, and is also frost-resistant, making this porcelain an ideal choice for any exterior project.

This porcelain product looks very similar to natural stone, it has mineral markings and lots of character, rather than being plain, and this emulates the inexhaustible creativity of nature.

Bespoke pool copings were produced in the same porcelain paving from 1200×600 tiles, to create consistency through from the paving to the edges of the pool, and they were created with a pencil roll edge.

Unique detail was created in the garden area, by adding stepping stone slabs as well.

The client also decided to have some planted walls made from the same porcelain sheets. This created another bespoke element for the exterior area, between the pool surroundings and the garden.

Stoneworld provided the interior flooring for the client’s kitchen, which was 10mm Story Porcelain also in the shade Desert, in a natural finish. Porcelain is a great material for flooring where there are high levels of traffic, as it is very durable, easy to clean and hard-wearing. The flooring was created from large sheets of porcelain, allowing a seamless transition from interior to exterior.

This project shows how well porcelain can work in both the exterior elements of your project, as well as interior, and the two can work in harmony together.

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Desert Story Porcelain Paving
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Desert Story Porcelain Tiles
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